Mobile Train Loading

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Mobile Train Loading

In this system Two pre-weigh bins of 80Ton Each will be provided with a bottom discharge conveyor. The bottom conveyor is retractable type which will move forward during loading. One in-feed conveyor and Two chain re-claimers with VFD drive will be provided to feed the pre-weigh bins. Two chain conveyor will be used with dozers to feed coal form the stock pile. The coal is weighed in the pre-weigh bin as per the capacity of each wagon and discharged to the bottom conveyor. The bottom conveyor will feed the moving wagons. The train speed and the bottom conveyor are synchronized for uniform loading of coal.

Why Mobile Train Loading

  • Mobile Train loading system developed to address the below issues in Wharf loading .
  • The coal is loaded in the wagons by using Pay loader/Front end loader and it based on just filling the wagons. In view of this method of loading you have the below issues.
  • Wagons are over loaded.
  • Wagons are under loaded
  • Spillages during loading
  • Huge dust emissions during loading.
  • The loading is unsafe as the pay loaders move to and fro. Night loading is not recommended.
  • The coal has to distributed all through the 750mtrs yard for loading purpose. High Truck movement in the yard during unloading of coal.
  • As their is no weighing during loading loss of revenue due to inaccurate loading.
  • The train is weighed after complete loading is completed and in case of over loading or under loading nothing can be done.
  • The weight of the materials is considered based on weighing of In motion rail scale which is inaccurate up to 2% to 5% .As per our study if the train is weighed in 2 rail scales the difference is up to 30ton to 40 ton per train.
  • Uneven loading in wagons.

Major Advantages of our mobile loading system.

  • Low cost mobile loading system.
  • Can be supplied and start loading in 4 months time.
  • No major civil works
  • Very less power consumption.
  • Can be shifted easily to a different location.
  • Accurate weighing for each wagon +/- 0.1%
  • Very easy and simple method of calibration.
  • No over loading and under loading (Huge saving in cost)
  • Approved by weights and measures and Railways.( As we are using pre-weighing).
  • No need of any Rail in motion scale ( Rail in motion scale is Very in accurate system +/-1% ).
  • System is offered on Rental basis no capital cost.
  • System offered with O&M.
  • We offered 2 options. One with loading system moving and another option of Train moving.
  • With train moving the loading will be completed in 3hrs time and with loading systems moving the loading can be completed in 4hrs time.
  • Can be loaded with OHE line. Our system is below OHE.
  • Loading is safe and environmental friendly.
  • We can take back the equipment's after the expiry of contract.