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Feeder Breaker

Chain Feeder:

The chain feeder comprises the drive unit, the pan line, the twin outboard chain and the return unit. The drive consists of the drive head, the drive shaft, the two-chain sprocket. The drive shaft connected with the chain sprocket, which are replaceable. Support of the shaft is in antifriction bearings with increased load carrying capacity in dust proof housing with labyrinth seals and with central lubrication. The conveyor is driven by an electric motor (VFD) and a Gear Box & Coupling.

The conveyor Chassis are of welded construction. The Liner plate of 400BHN is plug welded on top chassis deck.

The twin outboard chain assembly with flight bars and round link steel chains are made of wear resistant material. Flight bars and chain are connected by means of Self-locking special t Bolts. Removal and replacement of flight bars are very easy.

The return unit consists of the return head, the shaft, the two chain sprockets. The return shaft is tension able and provided with sliding bearings. Tensioning of the conveyor chain is via hydraulic cylinder, with manual pump & mechanical via tensioning spindles. The conveyor is provided with two link chain of rock quality with a breaking strength of more than 164 Tons each and thus breakage of chain is almost eliminated to great extent. The chassis is specially designed to protect the chains from heavy impact of boulders dumped on the conveyor deck by dumpers / Excavators directly.

Chain conveyor, if required, can be run in the reverse direction in manual mode. The speed variation of chain feeder is through VFD drive.